My life purpose dictates
a winning mentality.

Akash Sharma began his career as an Administration Executive in the early 2000s.  Through a combination of education, a focus on client service, and hard work he advanced in his career to become a member of India’s top private life insurance company. His work in the field has yielded exceptional results, as he has been frequently acknowledged for his superior service in meeting diverse customer needs.

Never one to rest on his accomplishments, Akash jumped at the opportunity to move his wife and two children to Canada in 2010 to take on new career challenges.  Soon after his arrival he secured employment as a Greeter with one of Canada’s top financial institutions. During his tenure as a Greeter, Akash was recognized as being among the top 10% in productivity. Again, his passion for providing superior customer services was acknowledged often.

Through Akash’s own experience of purchasing a home, he noticed there was a lack of real estate services when meeting the needs of homebuyers. Therefore, he decided in 2014 to move into the real estate lending field and took on a position as a Residential Mortgage Manager.  Initially as a Residential Mortgage Manager Akash found bank guidelines as being a major challenge in optimally serving clients. It is for this reason he brought his expertise to another firm, Dominion Lending Centres.

After realizing & wanting to meet his professional goals, Akash decided he was ready for new challenges.  In June 2016, Akash incorporated Able and Remarkable Mortgages Inc. with Mortgage Architects Kraft Mortgages Inc.  It is Akash’s dream to provide industry-leading professional mortgage services to his valued customers.

Presently Akash is serving in Lower Mainland and providing Residential and Commercial Financing through Mortgage Architects Centres.  Able & Remarkable Mortgages should be your No. 1 choice when it comes to any kind of financing.

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I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully”

Earnest Hemingway
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